Latest Designer Kitchen Trends in 2021

The Kitchen is definitely the heart of every home. It is a functional space that out performs over the many years of use. Explore the latest designer Kitchen trends in the kitchen space.

When considering to build a new home, the kitchen is by far one of the most thought out areas in the home due to its functional use. The layout  and type of cabinetry of the new kitchen is just as vitally as important as the type of flooring that goes into the kitchen. In 2021 the kitchen has been reinvented by bold light dramatic stone bench tops alongside darken deluxe featured cabinetry.

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Deluxe stylish Kitchen spaces! Featured in Grandier 51 designer luxe - Latest Designer Kitchen Trends

What is trending in Kitchens?

Now more than before, every inch needs to be cohesive within a kitchen. Most popular and latest designer kitchen trends is black or dark charcoal cabinetry with beautifully white veined stone top bench.  Incorporating darkened cabinetry alongside white or cream stone looks totally elegant but it creates more contrasting dimension into the kitchen. Further another trend in a custom made home is having a butlers pantry within the kitchen area. The butlers pantry acts as a smaller seperate space that combines extra cabinetry and an extra sink. The butlers pantry is the space where most of kitchen works takes place and this keeps the overall look of the main kitchen tidy. This space can be cohesive to the main kitchen or it can be designed as different seperate space in stainless steel or any other colour of choice. The skies the limit with considering to build a brand new home.

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What type of bench top is better Caesarstone or natural marble?

There are many advantages when using a quartz Caesarstone bench top. They are resistant to scratches and they do not stain as easily as other stone materials. This is a huge factor as the kitchen is a much used space and having a bench that doesn’t stain is very important. The Caesarstone is the most common stone used within a kitchen due to its durable nature.

On the other hand, marble is a more delicate and opulant type of bench top that makes a beautiful statement in any kitchen. The marble stone bench tops are extremely pores and will most likely require more maintenance over the years. They are long lasting and are usually more unique as comparison to the quartz Caesarstone bench tops.

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What to achieve this design?

These latest styles kitchens are available in the luxe series within the A1A Homes upgrade range. The Luxe series has much more colour choices and does include natural marble stone. The Luxe homes features the kitchen island bench tops with two waterfall edges. This dynamic style of bench top looks very devine within a designer style kitchen.

If you are looking for a more practical kitchen the Prime Series offers a good range of choices for a stylish kitchen. There are numberous colours to choose from the Caesarstone bench tops to the cabinetry. Nowadays, there are more timber like colours to create a warm style kitchen space.

Stay Tuned to see the latest home design trends or consult one of our friendly A1A consultants to discuss your kitchen design. 1800 667 517

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