Most frequent questions and answers

This is not a problem, if you have a block of land, all you have to do is to simply provide the details to your local A1A Homes Consultant and you will be shown a variety of home designs that will be suitable on your block, you will also be provided alternative designs that will make the best of your block. What’s more? We at A1A Homes will meet you there and go through the options with you so that you can get the clear picture of what you could build. If you don’t have a block yet, do not worry, we can help you with this by putting you in touch with land and real estate agents and also provide advice on all the things to consider when getting a block of land.

At A1A Homes, our variety of houses has been designed with the preferences of our clients in mind. Nonetheless we do know that people have different needs so we can always make changes to existing plans. These changes can be from simple modifications like moving a wall or adding an extra room to the home. Your A1A Homes Consultant will help you in making these alterations.


Your pre start meeting takes place at the beginning of your building journey. This is a stage where you get to show off your creative side! All your color and product selections will be made with your New Homes Administrator, with the assistance of display home.

Yes, we can make changes to your selections even after your pre start meeting. Although this will depend on what the change is and what stage of the building process the change is made.

Yes you can make changes during construction. However this will depend on the nature and intricacy of the change, the changes will incur an administration fee as well as the cost of the item – which can also be a credit pending what the change is.

Regrettably we cannot give you keys to your home before the completion of construction and receipt of your final payment on your new home. At the practical completion stage, a third party will perform an evaluation on your home and the bank will take about 10 working days to process your final payment.

Practical completion is the point at which all your building work is finished in accordance with the contract and the house is practically ready for occupation. Note that practical completion and hand-over do not automatically happen at the sometime. Hand over will take place after the practical completion so that you are given the opportunity to inspect your home and report any faults whatsoever.

At A1A Homes, we give you a 6 month maintenance period which starts from your handover. A maintenance sheet will be sent to you at 6 months to take note of any maintenance items you might have. As soon as this document has been completed, our maintenance coordinator will contact you to resolve any issues. At handover, you will also be provided with a Maintenance Manual which will assist you in keeping your home in the best possible condition.