Are you ready to build the home of your dreams? The entire process of building your first home can be the most daunting yet one of the most exciting experiences in your life. At A1A Homes Group, we are here, at every step of the new home build. With years of trades experience in the field, we are here to give you the information and knowledge to create the best home design that suits your lifestyle.

There is a lot involved in building a home, so we are here to explain the different stages of construction to minimise any concerns and make the process easy to understand and convenient.


If you haven’t constructed a new house before, check out the step-by-step guide by A1A Homes Group below, explaining the home-building process:

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Basics & Prerequisites

Before any construction commences, all legal paperwork must be completed. This may delay the building process depending on the individual circumstances. At this stage the building contracts are prepared, finance applications are created, and the applications for build plan, water corporation and land settlement are submitted for approval.

Pre-Selecting the Essentials

Pre-Selection happens at this stage where you will be selecting the type of brick works, windows, doors and fixtures, plus the fittings that you would want throughout your newly designed home. This also includes choosing all your colours for the interior and exterior including the paintings, render, roof , doors, kitchen, bathroom, laundry cabinets, bench tops and tiles, etc.

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Final Preparation before Getting Started

Pre-start is the stage where you will be adding your personal touch to your new home. Essentially, this is when all the paperwork gets handled in preparation for your actual new home build. Once all approvals are in place, the build can officially commence construction at the land site.


Stage 1 - Site works

Depending on the type of land you’ve purchased will influence what amount of site works get completed. If you buy a new lot from a new land estate, the site works are likely to be less than if you buy a sloping sub-divided lot. Site works may involve demolishing an existing home or building retaining walls and flattening the surface to prepare it for construction.

Stage 2 - Slab Down

The slab stage is when the concrete slab gets poured into the foundation of the house. All foundation plumbing works are prepped before the slab is poured.

Stage 3 - Framing Exterior

At this point, the external and internal brick walls are constructed and electricians, plumbers, and engineers install essential wiring and pipes for power, water and gas.

Stage 4 - Roof Completion

This is when your house really starts to look like a house. This is when the roof gets put on – this might be with either roof tiles or Colorbond steel. The roof gutters are also added.

Stage 5 - Lock Up

This is the stage when all your doors and windows can be locked. As your home is now secure, plumbers, electricians, tilers and carpenters can complete their work.

Stage 6 - Cabinets Fixtures

Here, all kitchen, laundry and bathroom cabinets and bench tops, tiling, tapware, mirrors,  basins, baths and shower screens are fixed into position. All these fixtures and fittings are selected by you at the pre-start stage before construction.

Stage 7- Practical Completion

This stage is all about finishing the home ready to be viewed by you to ensure everything is finished to your expectations. By this stage, all paving, lighting, painting, air-conditioning and appliances will be installed.

After this stage it is a great opportunity for you to go through the whole house with your Construction Supervisor and note anything that still needs attention before you make the final payment and collect your keys. If you request some final works to be completed before handover, you will get to have another inspection with your supervisor to make sure you are 100% happy. All in all, the total time period for the construction stage for a house is about 6-8 months. 

Stage 8- Handover

Congratulations! Your new home is completed! This is when you have made your final payment to the builder and collect your keys.

All clients find this incredibly rewarding after starting their building journey over 12 months prior. Although building a new home can sometimes be viewed as a challenging experience, it is more often a very exciting, rewarding journey for so many people building their first or second home. They get to move into a house that they chose for themselves