Why join the A1A Homes Builders team?

Our Team are passionate about every aspect of building Quality Homes, from start through to handover, we are dedicated to Building Homes with Professionalism. We care deeply about providing exceptional customer service, across all levels of the company.

As a rapidly growing company, we are happy to accept applications for current or future positions. If you like new building ideas, challenges and working with a talented group of people, who are passionate about the building industry, we want to hear from you!  

A1A Homes strives for Quality Workmanship from Tradesman on sites of constructions to the supporting In-house office staff.  We offer a diverse and positive support network throughout the company throughout Australia.

The people: 

Come be apart of a supportive and inspiring network of professionals in the building field. We at A1A believe collaborative teamwork is the only way to maintain the standard of success to which we hold ourselves. We value our highly diverse and professional team of not only Office staff and administrators, but also our irreplaceable network of tradesmen: plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, and more tradies that make the work we do possible. 

The Homes: 

When you work at A1A, you don’t work alone. Instead, you integrate into a tight-knit network of creatives and workers, one in which clear communication, professionalism and commitment to producing results are valued above all else. By bringing together bright and results-driven minds belonging to people exhibiting all different kinds of strengths, we are able to yield innovative homes that help our clients meet their needs and achieve their goals. 

The Culture: 

Workplace culture can be a very important factor when looking for a place to work. At A1A, we believe in fostering a productive, intellectual and, above all else, supportive workplace culture. In this industry, teamwork is the name of the game. As an A1A team member, good work and innovative ideas are always recognised and rewarded. We place high value on all employees who contribute something valuable to the team.

The Development: 

Something we do well is investing in the growth and development of our A1A team members. We love to express our gratitude for all that you do. Our paid and unique employee training programs provide all employees with the necessary skills and training needed to become successfully integrated into the A1A family. Each year, we take a team-building retreat to a fun and surprise location, the activity of which changes every year. We love to keep you on your toes! 


The Benefits:

Our Team is all about working in an efficient and cultural diverse environment. As a part of the A1A team, you will be provided access to many beneficial building services. Our employees are people, not workers, and we believe in treating everyone with upmost respect and integrity.

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